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February 10, 2012


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This... will probably be another long one. ^^'
But onto the point. Its Valentines day soon isn't it? So what am I gonna do to celebrate it on DA? This. I'm gonna list some people here and say nice stuff about them and their rather fan-tucking-tastic art! Spreading the love and stuff <3

Oh and if I miss you out, (not necesserily on purpose) but you wanna be on here, do comment :3 I have a TERRIBLE memory. Like a sieve. Or a colinder. Or... um... A thing...
But yeah, lets spread some love! Whether you're in a couple or a single minchkin... Happy Valentines!!! :D
And so in no specific order *except for the first three because I know them personally lol*

:iconwhorebisquit: ---- She writes great lyrics and literature <3 Go check out her stuff, its so cool! *one of her songs was actually sung by...someone famous, I can't remember who it was (she told me months ago lol) but I'm sooo proud of her! <3 Go check out her stuff and give her some love! Happy Valentines Day Kerry! Trina loves you!! *platonically I might add* But I love you platonically as HARD as I can!! <333

:iconcarrotfeetz: ---- She's quite new on DA, but she's such a talented photographer! At the moment, she's only gotten a few photos up but they are so proffessional looking<3 I've seen all of her stuff thats not on DA and I strongly recommend you watch her to see what else she comes out with <3 Love you Beccie and happy Valentines!

:iconakatsukicerberus: ---- One of the more well-known people on DA, Hanabi is just soooo cool! <3 Her digital stuff is amazing and she makes comics as well!! She's actually part of my inspiration and so go check her out! It'll be worth your while, promise! <3

:iconmadameminerva: ---- This little muffin's style is sooo cute! <3 She's such a nice person too and has such sweet OC's! X3 Her sense of perspective is just spot on and she's getting so good at digital art and lighting X3 Please watch her because I just know she's gonna keep getting better and better! <3

:icontrixus: ---- Her sense of humour is fantastic! XD I love all her YGOTAS drawings and shes so skilled at colouring! She has also gotten a few snazzy looking OC's so go check out her stuff! Keep going with your drawing because with your skill at this level now, I can't wait to see how good you'll be in a few years!! <3

:icontavithetiger: ---- She's such a lovely person~ Tavithetiger also has this amazing OC called...wait for it... TAVI!!! She's so cool and has such a great design X3  tavithetiger is also so amazing at sewing! Go check out her plushies and drawings! In fact, I recommend you to watch her, because she's just so nice and talented~ <3

:iconxxluulagoocallagasxx: ---- Her digital art is so cool! X3 She's got such a cute style and I love the detail she puts into her images... X3 Especially this one xxluulagoocallagasxx.deviantar… it up hun! <3

:iconattack-on-maou: ---- Her OC is just ADORABLE!! I can't wait to draw up your request hun! She's drawing a comic and has such a sweet style~ Her shading and proportions are just perfect X3 Go check out her stuff, you'll be glad you did~ <3

:iconlopunnygloom: ---- This person needs more love!!! She's so cool and has such an awesome style!! Her sense of humour is lovely and she's got such talent~ She's got Oc's, strips, cosplay, YGO stuff (including Melvin) and I definately think you should watch her or at the VERY least go see what she's got. <3

:iconbluemoon025: ---- This girl is really coming out with her style! She's such a talented person and at the moment, she's taking requests! Go check out her stuff and ask for one because she wants to keep improving! Looking at her stuff, I know she'll do just that! :D <3

:iconpedrothepie: ---- A promising photographer! Go see what she's got! Her photos range from the cute to the exotic, to the meaningful to the really atmospheric.!! Her angles are just great so I know she's gonna just keep getting better! Good work hun~ <3

:iconharpie-warrior: ---- Probably one of the sweetest deviants out there, she's always so supportive of everyone she comes across! She's such a talented person to boot! She's got such cool drawings including YGO, Pokemon, Naruto and Bleach! Also check out her NSA series! It's so hilarious XDDD Her digital art just keeps getting better, she's just started a comic and I strongly recommend you to watch her! She deserves much more love than she's currently getting~ <3

:icondokidokikawaiichan: ---- She's such a nice person~ She's got such talent in sketching and colouring, and a unique style to add to that! X3 Her chibis are sooo cute and the way she does her charatcer poses and angles is so proffessional! Go check her stuff out and you'll see what I mean <3

:iconnondice: ---- Such a supportive and talented person~ She's soooo good with her digital art and layers like a boss!! Her chibis are so cute as well! Go look at her gallery and give her some love! Because I don't think she's getting enough! <3

:iconsafben: ---- This person. Is cool. Her style is just so unique, I can bearly take it XD She's so good at digital art and has such cool OC's which I recommend you go look at! She also does such cute chibis and some South Park and YGO lovin' too! Keep up the epic work hun~ <3

:iconflorapastel: ---- This girl gives me a lot of inspiration, more than she probably knows XD She's so nice and needs more love on DA so go check out her gallery! She does YGO, Pokemon and has many amazing OC's! She's so cool!!  <3

:iconazureinu: ---- Another person who supports many but hardly gets any love back X3 She's such a nice person and draws YGO characters as animals! Such a cool idea X3 And she also does pokemon and literature as well! Very well in fact! Go check out her stuff and give her some love! <3

:icontsundere-aron: ---- She does such cute YGO chibis!!! X3 And I really admire her shading skills!! Seriously, look at her stuff and find out what I mean!!! Also, when she colours, she does so in such an appealing way! Good job hun~ <3

:icondarkshadowrose1: ---- There are a lot of people who need much more love! DarkShadowRose1 is one of them! She does great literature and does a bit of photography on the side which is so cute~ Go read and look at her stuff and give her some love! <3

Phew! Oh and I mean EVERY word up there guys! :D Happy Valentines to all of you!! :heart:
And I'm real sorry if I missed you! It would'nt be on purpose if I have so do comment of you want to on this!

Love much!
*rabu rabu*
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florapastel Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Woah! That's a lot of people! I'll have to check some of them out. I would say all, but I have POTTERY TO MAKE with my new kit that I got today.
Awe! Thanks for such a nice comment <3
Attack-On-Maou Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks sooooo much for mentioning me!! I'll make more of my drawings later on, k?
BetterThanCrumpets Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
You are sooo welcome hun XD
Looking forward to it! :3 :heart:
PedroThePie Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Aww, thank you so much!!! I've never had anyone say anything about my stuff before!! I need to go to the UK just to hug you now! :iconbrohugplz:
BetterThanCrumpets Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
And I shall be waiting at the airport or dock with open arms!! \>w</

You;re so welcome hun! Keep it up~ :heart:
AzureInu Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
D'aww thanks for putting me on the list and for the nice compliments x3
BetterThanCrumpets Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
You're very welcome!!! X3
I meant every word hun! Keep up your cute work <3
AzureInu Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
D'aww thank you. It really means a lot to me to hear that ^^
safben Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2012
Thanks for featuring me~
BetterThanCrumpets Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
No problem!! :3
I love your stuff, keep up the great work~~~ :heart:
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